Sunday, May 13, 2007

The War in Iraq and the End Times

Seeing history repeat within my own lifetime is astonishing. I am talking about the mess of the Vietnam war, that I watched as a teenager in High School, and the War in Iraq, that I watch on the TV with the same similar mess. Then, it was President Johnson declaring that we must stop Communism in Nam, otherwise, where will it end? Now, it is President Bush, stopping the terrorists. 
In 1983 or so, I designed and published a game called, Locust. It was done based upon a class I had taken on the Book of Revelations in the Bible. I am not a religious person, though I do believe in God, divine intervention etc. Locust is what my instructor indicated would happen in the End Times. I was so fascinated with the subject, interpretations of Daniel etc., I felt the game would be accurate. It was and is. Iran had become a world power because of their nukes. Russian and Chinese interests Iran all were intertwined because of trade agreements, to which all needed and were lucrative. America's reputation had been seriously eroded from past errors. Israel felt isolated, though continued to receive full US support.
War breaks out when Iranian nukes are tossed into Israel, igniting the Final War. Russian (the bear in the Revelations) invades Iran to secure its own interests and oil. This action provokes the Common Market nations and the US to counter this thrust and a brief tactical nuke exchange occurs. Arab nations also begin to attack Israel to retake what they always thought belonged to them. The region is ravaged.
Of course, Jesus is not used in the game, because all these things are to happen--allowed to happen. One of the most early signs of end times is the weather change globally. The ability to instantly communicate with others across the globe is another. This just recently happen.
Anyway, the game was interesting and it should be interesting if it does happen,