Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sex and the Chevrolet Corvair

In 1966, Chevrolet advertised its new rear engine air cooled Corvair model with an ad that has "implied" sex all over it. You know the story. The same old story of the middle aged guy, not so attractive caused by the ravages of age in sleek, cool, sports car-this time, a Corvair convertible! A long-legged, nicely shaped 20-something blonde graces her body on the Corvair body. The middle age man glances back at her. There is little doubt about what he is thinking or wants besides his new 1966 Corvair.

For 1966, it was a spicy ad that still holds up today.

President Elect Barack Obama

All campaigns have a defining moment for many voters, many of the undecided. For this voter, a McCain supporter, I switched sides during the last debate. The question was about health care. McCain indicated that is was not a "right" for every American, Obama said it was. McCain said his $5000 credit would be the answer. I laughed. Most anyone would laugh. $5000 is NOTHING when it comes to health care costs. In fact, a family of 3-4 pays $1100 for Kaiser coverage a month! McCain is obviously so rich he has no real clue about what the middle and poor classes really deal with. I was also sick of his bashing Obama about this or that. Bragging about his tour of duty in Nam. Hey, he was a pilot who was shot down, tortured and in the end, did talk! A true hero, I suppose, depending on your definition. What about the others that where there? I still like things about McCain, but overall, Obama has more to offer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin and John McCain

The selection of Sarah Palin for the VP spot on the Republican ticket creates a whirlwind of news frenzy. Palin is such a normal person, mom, woman that it entices one to like her and dislike her simultaneously. She is like a "Rocky" figure, a normal everyday woman, struggling with issues of her kids and job, never intended this path that she has stumbled upon. A hockey mom, PTA, Mayor of a town with 8,000, then a Govenor of Alaska with only 650,000 (SF has more people!). Her husband a fisherman. Now, she is in the middle and must be thinking, "Jesus Christ"! how did this happen? Why me?
All of this is so likeable. Many of the middle of the roaders, identify with her, single Dads identify with her. The downside of all this is if McCain dies while in office, could she do the job? Many women say yes, many say no. Same applies to men. So, remove the gender issue. Does being a govenor for less than two years actually prepare one to be President? If so, how? Many list a host of items that she has accomplished, but the problem is that the length of time dealing with the same issues is much shorter, so she is still very inexperienced, even more than Obama, who has four years in the Senate. It is like a new law grad getting his first job and learning the ropes for two years in a firm, you just do not hand him a high profile legal case-that is a sure loser. You let the most seasoned lawyers handle it.

This is the position Sarah Palin is in. John McCain should have selected Joe Lieberman, or even Condolezza Rice.

Now of course, Palin's 16 yr old is due to have a baby. Her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, has stated in his blog, My Space, that: "I am just a fucking a relationship...I live to play hockey..I don't want kids"

Sounds like your typical 18 yr old guy. The only reason why this is news is because Sarah Palin said they were going to get married. Think not. Does it matter? Not really.

John McCain's choice was done to show he is unpredictable, he can change, he wants the far right on his side but what about the large middle section of voters, which are and may decide the race? Prior to the selection, he was wooing this group.

The race will be close. But in the end, I think Palin will cause the White House to be Democrat. The experience or inexperience issue is really too serious for the VP spot. Biden can easily be President. Comparing Biden to Palin is comparing a seasoned professional to a rookie.

The scarey thing this time is that something could happen to either McCain or Obama, which is why the VP spot and choice is so important. It is not just window dressing this time around.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Panzer Schlacht, Hungary, 1944

In stock and available! Helion & Company Ltd June 2008 ISBN 978-1-906033-16-3 Hardback 305mm x 222mm 136 pages 8pp colour profiles, c 150 b/w photos, 18 maps
£29.95 ($60.00 US) (order online and receive a 10% discount!). Visit WWW.HELION.CO.UK or in the US at:

'Panzerschlacht' covers in detail the unravelling of the southern sector of the Eastern Front during late summer and autumn 1944, which led to some of the largest and most vicious, yet unknown, tank battles of the Second World War.

Slammed by continuous Russian attacks that ripped the Romanian Front to pieces and by late August had caused Romania to defect to the Soviets, Germans forces were left threadbare. Only Hungary narrowly failed to defect to the USSR, and was coerced into remaining Germany's ally. Despite a gross imbalance in numbers, the German Army, and more notably, their Panzer divisions (some with only 30 AFVs) delayed, disrupted and destroyed much larger Russian units with successful counter-attacks.

As the Russians blitzed through Romania and neared Hungary in late August 1944, it was the Hungarian Army that stymied the Red horde. The Hungarian units pulled themselves together and in September conducted two very important and overlooked counterattacks: Arad and Torda. The Arad counterattack sent the defending Romanians reeling, forcing them to give up the city of Arad and beyond as the Hungarian 1st Armoured Division faced little opposition. At Torda, the Hungarian 2nd Armoured Division also made significant gains towards the mountain passes until the arrival of Russian armour. The book covers these in detail with maps so often missing in other accounts. Both battles temporarily put the 'brake' on the Russian blitzkrieg.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening Movie & the End Times

The Happeningmovie is a thoughtful thriller. A cross between your zombie kind of movie and something tied to religious and scientific beliefs. It is not scarey of the "edge of your seat" genre, as I was genuinely scared only once. The basic premise seems to be rooted in what many believe are the end times, one of the early warnings that "these times" are upon us AND the effect that global weather patterns are having. In this case, the Bees have mysteriously vanished, no bodies, no nothing (that is a little too odd). The result being that some unexplainable biologic change also occurs to the human population, which basically turns the exposed into killer zombies dead in their tracks. These zombies only kill themselves, however. How nice.

Basically, the key characters run for thier lives and learn that by staying in small groups, the "virus" does not infect them. This virus is carried by the wind. So, whenever the wind shakes the leaves on the tree, danger is near!

That is about it. What is intellectual about this is that the natural virus is never explained, it just stops and starts suddenly. The only explanation is that it is a warning to mankind from mother nature (aka, God) that mankind is reaching the line of no return in harming our planet. This all ties into the belief of the End times as described in the Book of Revelations of the Bible.

It is there, clearly stating that in the early portion of end times, one of the early warnings will be frequent weather anomalies, topsy-turvey seasons, droughts, famine, ocean's dying etc. Look how these events are being explained-in a logical manner. The Bee's are vanishing-it really is for real. Yet, we hear the warning and shrug our shoulders and continue on with our daily lives, to bothered to be really concerned about it until it us personally.

The Happening should be seen. Think about what is currently happening in the world today, global warming and it's impact, extreme weather. Is this also a sign of the end times that Daniel spoke of in a vision over 2000 yrs. ago?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

YTB Travel Cruises

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As a Referring Travel Agent, you can promite your travel website that directly links and uses the travel search engines used by all. If you want to earn more, recruit additional people under you, just like Mary Kay.

Unlike Mary Kay, the appeal of this product is vast and across all incomes, as everyone does take vacations, travel, fly, take cruises, buy concert tickets, buy Disney tickets and so much more. Unlike MK, your only inventory is on the web- your travel website. Plus, you can write off the expenses as business at the end of the year!

YTB is a multi-million dollar travel giant based in Illinois and listed on the US Stock Exchange.

As an agent, you also may receive special vacation packages that are discounted even more so you can visit and sell the spot on your site.

If you are looking, one should consider this!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Obama the Antichrist?

Yes, have a good laugh. But consider this: his popularity is increasing, he appeals to all kinds of people, he provides the masses a message of change for the better, his position is one of a real socialist, the government will be in your life more and more if he is elected.

Ask any follower what he has accomplished to warrant him being president, their answers are elusive and vague as Obama's are when asked key questions. They cite accolades of his 2 yr experience as a Senator, they like his platfom in theory, he's black or he's also white, his youth.

In other words, the large crowds follow him due to his charisma. That is it. If one knows about the end days and the Antichrist, one knows that this person has to appeal to the masses with his charisma, at least for awhile. Obama certainly fills this, even the terrorist group, Hamas, support him!
The antichrist will appear as a friend to Israel and to others. Because Obama is really running his campaign on his charisma, it is food to think about.

It may be that even he is not aware of this as the Antichrist grows slowly into this being(whoever it is).

In the end days, the first early signs are changes in world weather patterns, and a slow yet increasingly steady rate of natural disasters that the world will brush off. As time goes on, they increase with intensity and destruction. However, the key thing is that there is instant worldwide communciation. Taken all together, there is little doubt we are entering the final days. The antichrist will be a person who plays all sides in order to gain world power through monetary means and banks.

Is Obama the antichrist, no one knows, as Jesus will come like a thief, but there are signs. Keep your mind open. It is a hard concept to fathom and beware! There is no real reason while Obama is so popular and no reason why he would make a good president of the world's most powerful nation!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr is so wrong for Barack Obama

Event to most liberal democrats or republicans, the words of Jeremiah Wright's anti-white, anti-America only serve to alienate Obama's most important voting block:  Non- black America. Wright's vicious self serving oratory is based upon his own life  and upon the injustices in his own life. They have no relation to Obama. Let's not forget Obama IS more White than not. He grew up in a White enivronment, had friends of all colors, he only embraced his Black culture after he entered into High School and later. Obama may be more radical than he looks and his lack of answering key questions regarding his personal relationships with characters like Wright and former members of the Weatherman Underground, a domestic terriost group in the early 70's, only makes him appear more suspicious.
Worse is the hypocrisy of Wright's oratory blasting America and Whites. Wright owns a $10,000,000 home situated along a golf course in a predominantly White area! So, here is a Reverend that, for show, for the media, screws up Obama's chances by his now famous, "Goddamn America" speech, where he rips into our nation and the majority of White America. I guess he forgot to recall Obama is 50% White. I think every Black voting for Obama should remember this. Obama is not black black. 
Wright's hypocrisy is this: without America, he would not be so successful being able to pursue his academics as he did, without White's, I am sure he would not have achieved as much as he has because there are key individuals that helped him that were White, without America, his personal success would not have allowed him to preach such BS that millions have heard, nor allowed him to have a 10 million dollar home in a White area.
In the end, his ego and rhetoric only alienates many of Obama's would be supporters of any color. Wright appeals to poor Blacks because he is radical but in reality, Wright is a very rich Black being supported by those Blacks far below him on the economic ladder. Obama's reluctance to really publically denounce him also turns off many voters.
I was an Obama supporter. No longer. I find him "too risky", "too vague", "question his ability to make the correct decisions without undue influence", "lacking personal fortitude".
For me, my vote, it's either McCain or Clinton. Obama has lost my vote and my respect. When Obama is asked tough questions, he stumbles or he defers and deflects his answer.He just cannot answer the question.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The 1965 Corvair Convertible

I recently found a unique 1965 Corvair Chevrolet Convertible in near new condition with only 47,000 original miles! There is little wrong with it. I bought it online from a noted Psychology professor, Ron Baenninger, who has written many textbooks. He bought it a few years ago, parked it in his garage and never drove it. As you can see, it is nearly new and for $3700.00, it was a deal I could not pass.

Corvair had a nine year life span, 1960-1969. It was a rear engine based upon the Porsche, but it was Chevrolet's economy car and sold for $1900-2300.00 in 1965. The thing about these cars is that you either love them or hate them. If you love them, you overlook their annoying issues (oil leaks). Even though the car is 40+ years, one can find all the parts and even rebuild it. Several places produce only parts for these cars-which is a testament about their popularity. One is Clark's Corvair Parts on the East Coast, and Corvair Underground, on the West coast. The parts are not that expensive. You can rebuild an engine for around $2000.00. The corvair engine is robust and currently is used in small light single engine aircraft.

The body style of the 1965-69 remains popular and has a sort timeless look, much as the Ford Mustang. The Corsa was the racing edition with four carbs and either 140 or 180 Hp.

While you can find the parts, the real issue is finding someone who knows how to work on them. The Chevy shop manuals are still available for the car and are the bible when working on them.

For me, I was lukewarm about the parent's 1962. It was not until the 1965 came out did I fall in love with them as a 4th grader. Corvairs rock!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

ATO Releases Paukenschlag with Stunning Map!

After a year in development, my latest ATO game on the German U-boat operation off the US coast in 1942, is released.

Craig Grando's superb and innovative game map looks 3D and like a movie poster. Simply stunning! The game uses the actual German plotting system of WW2 to regulate movement. In addition, the great "what-if" is explored: The planned German long range bombing of the East coast. The combo make the game a sure winner with appeal on a variety of levels. The game design took a few weeks to develop and research.

Let the dice fly!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Definately Maybe is definately deceptive

From the movie ad on TV, the viewer is led to believe that this movie is a cute, funny kid type movie. The little girl is cute and a good actress. The scenes are family oriented and attracts many girls from 8 yrs. old and up.

Naturally, I took my 9 yr. old daughter who really wanted to see it. So, we went.

The film opens up with the uneasy parental topic at any age of sex. Sex education. The girl's school is in an uproar about teaching sex ed to 4th graders, so the scene has chaos, parents angry etc. Girls are coming into the scene using words like penis, vagina, sex, condoms (you get the picture). I'm talking girls 9 yrs old and older. As if that was not uncomfortable enough for us, the little girl in the movie is trying to force her 30ish dad to have a conversation about it as they stroll out of the scene! Totally inapproriate from the start. This was not Disney.

Liberal or not, it was a parent's nightmare. I was hoping it would get better. Where was the fast forward?

The cute girl is really a little too mature and obnoxious regarding this topic. So, her parents are getting a divorce. Now, she wants to know all the details of doing it. Finally, the dad has had enough (thank god!). So, the girl switches gears and wants to know how they met etc.

So, for the next 55 minutes or so, that is the movie. There is no girl or cute interaction with her Dad as seen in the ads. It is just your typical"how boy meets girl" thing. Some items were not even for PG-13 rating. Who rates these movies??

Boring. Seen it all before. Hints of her mom being a lesbian, hints of her mom being loose and is poking some 50 yr old writer because he's famous, not because she loves him. Not a nice picture for a girl to know.

So, for the first hour or so, it is boring and pushing the PG 13 limit. It was not funny, nor cute.

The deception is that why have a cute 9 yr old actress in a film rated PG-13, in a role that she barely appears in until the end.The film is not about a parent\child relationship or a dad and his daughter. A waste of money.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

US Navy and Iran Clash at Hormuz Straits

A recent naval report indicated an ominous result further supporting the USN wargame in which USN were suddenly attacked and sunk by Iranian missiles. The report, dated several years ago, indicated that even though the C-802 missiles are of lower technology than what the USN has, Iranian missile attacks from shore or from their Houdong or CAT-14 platforms (ships)could overwhelm the AEGIS defense systems. In the scenario, when 6 or more C-802 missiles were fired at the same ship there is a high probability that at least 1 or 2 would impact the target especially when coordinated with numerous FAC attack from divergent directions simultaneously. If 8 or more were fired, it was a 90% chance impact would occur. The CWIS Phalanax can only handle so many targets simultaneously within a 3 mile range. Other USN defense systems, likewise, could handle 4-5 such incoming missiles with fairly safe consequences. Thus, the Iranian swarm tactics upon 1 or 2 USN ships could and would be successful, either crippling or sinking them. If you add to this scenario that the Iranian attack would have to be a "Pearl harbor" type, add their Mig-29, F4E with AS missiles, all happening suddenly and simultaneously, USN defenses could be overwhelmed. The worst thing the USN should do is to underestimate this threat and to be over confident in their ECM. Remember, David did bring down Goliath!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Beatles Are Across the Universe

To date, there have been two movies with dedicated soundtracks of nothing but Beatle songs, I Am Sam and Across the Universe. Both, as movies, are excellent films for a variety of reasons. It is obvious that the generation that lived and breathed Beatles are now in command. Bill O'Reilly is a huge Beatles fan. NASA launched the band's, Across the Universe (1968), into space, so their presence is known. The issue and problem with either movie using only Beatle songs (or any movie using their songs) is that:
1. The Beatles'recordings from 1964-1969 remain vibrant and high quality. They have not dated that much.
2. Using their songs with them doing them costs more than making the movie in royalty fees etc. You seldom, if ever, hear their songs done by them in a movie or commercial.
3. Doing a cover of their songs (as in both movies)by other artists poses major problems to them, which they acknowledge. These are:

A. Why change something that is so good in the original?
B. How can the cover artist create a "better" song? They are all already very good.
C. Competing with the vocals of John and Paul is simply impossible as the listener will compare and the original will win.
D. Do they follow the original arrangement and song structure (which is usually the best)or divert and try a different approach with the risk of total failure?

Artists facing doing a cover of a Beatle song have these dilemmas. Some artists asked refused to cover The Beatles, knowing it is pointless to try out do them and whatever the end result is will be much lesser than the original. It is like trying to copy a Van Gogh.

Listen to the I Am Sam or Across the Universe soundtracks. Some take a new "modern" approach, which usually sounds stupid compared to the original. Other artists stick with the original only deviating occassionally. Some speed or slow down the song.
Sadly, the cover is always compared to the original. The cover is always worse. To Beatle fans, they are grateful for such a tribute, yet, laugh at how the covers are done. The only covers of Beatle songs that are any good are those which were written by Lennon & McCartney but never performed by The Beatles (I'm in Love, Mary Jane, Not Guilty, World Without Love, Bad To Me, are a few).

The oddest thing remains that while others cannot cover a Beatles' song, the Beatles always greatly improved on ANY cover they did ( Long Tall Sally, Kansas City, Please Mr. Postman, Chains, Boys, Roll over Beethoven and so many more). The Beatles remain on the same level as Beethoven-both revolutionized their own brand of music. They truly are legends and all others pale in comparision.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Upcoming Wargame Designs

The following are new designs slated for the first quarter of this year:

1. La Coruna Jan 1937 - A fierce battle between the Nationalists and Republicans for the highway from Las Rozas to Madrid. It was the last phase of the Nationalists offensive to surround and cutoff Madrid. Armed with German Panzer 1 and Italian CV-33tanks, the seemingly invincible Nationalists were met with stout resistance from the Republicans and their Russian T-26B tanks and I-16, SB-2 aircraft. What followed was a desperate battle to control this key road!

2. Rampage, August 1919- Using the well played and award winning system of the Russian Civil War Series, the game covers the last great cavalry offensive of the 20th Century! Mamontov's cavalry army attacked the Red line east of Voronzeh busting through with Mk V tanks. What followed was a deep rear raid on the Reds which were totally caught by surprise! During the two week attack, the Reds tossed everything they had, including aircraft. It was a very wild affair that ended with Mamontov almost being trapped!

3. Operation Sinyavino- August 1942- covers the dramatic Russian offensive to free Leningrad from the German blockade from two opposite directions! Includes the first use of the new Tiger tank!

4. Zolfaqar's Blow: Iranian Killing Fields - a future history game covering a surprise Iranian attack with fast attack boats, C-802 missiles, EM-53 mines, submarines upon oil tankers and US naval ships (incl. an aircraft carrier) in the narrow Straits of Hormuz.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Martin Luther King and the Reality of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The recent comments by Hilary Clinton that King's call for racial equality was realized only with a president's action are correct, NOT incorrect. Hey, I hate to provide a reality check but without President Johnson's full support and backing and "pushing it through the legislature" at various tumes, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, would not have passed. Sure, maybe, it would pass in 1965, 66, 67 or whatever, but not in 1964. Anyone who thinks otherwise is making Martin Luther King a God-like creature. He could never have done it without the support and promotion by President Johnson and others. Without other key politcial figures in places of influence and power, and most were white then who agreed with Martin Luther King, the US Senate would not have passed it. It would never have reached President Johnson to sign into law. End of story.

It is not diminishing King's legacy, as he was instrumental in bringing to the public, galvanizing millions etc. But, he alone, could not create the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Give credit where credit is due. There is plenty to go around.......

US Presidential Campaign 2008 - Is it Really Up in the Air?

The 2008 US presidential election will most likely end in the following manner:

The Democratic party will nominate Hilary Clinton for President, and, Obama, for VP. if this sequence fails, then, it will be reversed. That is, Obama for President and Clinton for VP.

That makes for a very powerful ticket for the Republicans to beat. The appeal of this ticket would capture a majority of American votes (women, men, blacks, hispanic). I really cannot see John Edwards making it to the end.

For the Republicans, it is more complicated are harder to predict. There is no one strong contender at this point. I want to say John McCain, but his strength is debatable. Huckabee is likeable, kinda a down-home guy, but like all the Republican candidates, his strength is debateful.

Would a McCain- Romney defeat a Clinton-Obama ticket? I doubt it. How about a McCain - Huckabee? I doubt it. How about Romney - Huckabee? Some think that is a strong ticket. Let's not even discuss Thompson, he will be out by August.

So, the Republicans lack the passion, lack the ability to excite the voter. They are basically boring. The Democrats clearly have the edge here and I see no way that will diminish. I think the Democrats will win in November.. unless... world events and the US economy make the Republicans look attractive.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Iranian Swarming and its Potential

The recent events in the Straits of Hormuz between Iranian attack boats and the US Navy may be a clue of things to come at some point in time. Iran could create a major crisis by cutting the narrow 20 mile wide entry into the Persian Gulf. Using their 3000 Chinese made mines, many of the EM-58 type (rocket propelled), these can be easily laid in deep water. Once in place, ships moving over them are dead, they have a 80% success rate. Swarming single USN ships with up to 20 speedboats armed with weapons and explosives from divergent directions simulaneously might overload the ability of the ship's weapons to defend itself. In fact, some would get through. And, if that was not enough, Iran has perhaps 50 -60 cruise missiles from the Chinese, these are not rejects, but the S-300 and C-801, 802. The latter has a 90% kill rate and there is no real defense against them.

The issue is why are they obtaining these weapons? Self defense? Come on, they know the US would never be able to invade the country and air attacks are more symbolic than of value. Why do they have 12 mini subs all capabale of laying mines and torpedoes?

The only reason is take some sort of offensive action in the Persian Gulf, at some point in time. Let's say they sink a few USN ships or begin attacking oil tankers or they mine the Straits of Hormuz. In all cases, the world oil skyrockets. Besides being isolated, and they already are, what could the US do about it besides make some symbolic air to ground attacks on iranian facilities? Nothing.

Bombing Iran may not be as safe as it was, they have acquired some 29 TOR M1 Russian air defense missile systems. Their early warning would react.

The only hope is that once the US does make some air attacks upon Iran, the local population (50% are under 30)would not like this and attempt some sort of overthrow of the government. The change would have to come from within because isolation has not worked well and the US does not have capacity nor interest in invading Iran. Such an invasion would only reinforce their resolve.

Stay tuned... the next war or battle will be in that area.

The Impact of The Beatles

If you are under age 50 or over 60, it is highly likely that you probably either underrate the Fab Four or minimize their impact on music and men's styles. Why? The reason is because if you are under 50, you were too young to experience the insanity of Beatlemania. It really was historical. If over 60, you probably did not like their radical look nor their music and style (your style is more in line with Elvis, which is ironic because all of The Beatles idolized Elvis).

There is a narrow age group and now middle aged Americans or Britons who were dramatically impacted by the band. Their ages are between 51 to 59 or so. It was this age group that was prime in 1964, when they were between 8 to 16, that took part and were eyewitnesses to their arrival in the US. If you watch the footage of The Beatles' Shea Stadium 30 minute concert, you will see mostly 60,000 fans of this age, screaming, fainting, climbing the fence, dazed. There has never been such an entertainment event.

The 73 million Americans who watched their debut on Ed Sullivan remains embedded in history-unsurpassed. Beatlemania lasted until 1966, but their influence then and now remain.

The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dave Clark Five, Jerry and the Pacemakers followed in the British Invasion as did many others. It was the British rock bands that showed America how it should be done.

America, then, was like the movie, "Hairspray". Very clean cut, the music-sappy and stupid-innocent. Even Elvis, who was the 50's rebel, seemed to have lost his edge and became too clean, too nice, his songs simply sucked.

Enter The Beatles. Long hair. Loud music. Radical yet cool look. Beatle boots. Tight suits. Witty personalities and great humor not mention four very distinctive and recongnizable voices. Add to this, harmony with good looks.

While they did do cover songs, they clearly were great songwriters from the start. After the Ed Sullivan broadcast, nearly all public pop stations were devoted to Beatle music. In some cases, they only played their music for days. That is yet another historical event in broadcasting.

For the age group mentioned, they were Gods. Despite naysayers, they knew this band would have a worldwide impact.

For guys, it meant style and long hair from that time onward. No more hair grease, no combing it back from the forehead like Elvis, no more haircuts with rims around the ear. That was a very major cultural event in the 60s. Teenage clothing copied the Beatle look with collarless shirts, tight jeans, Beatle boots. The Fashion originated in London on Carnaby street. Schools and many parents fought long hair for many years, some high schools had a policy of no long hair to the collar up until 1967-8.

Musically, The Beatles showed pop music how to be a rock band with their huge Marshall amplifiers or Vox equipment. Ask Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Oasis, Nirvana or any rock artist about influences, The Beatles are there.

The Beatles' impact is all over today. Listen to pop music, whether it is a guitar lick, harmonies, song structure, lyrics, if you are of the age group noted before, you know where the influence came from. You hear their songs on ads now. There have been two movies where the soundtrack consisted of only Beatle songs (done as covers).

The concept of Beatlemania is hard to comprehend if you were not alive or were too young, or simply missed it. It was one of those things that you say, "you had to be there". No amount of words can even begin to show the impact of The Beatles. The Beatles DVD set is the best we now have.

If you are still in doubt, well, look at any ad with teenagers. You will see the early Beatle look, just more unruly. The long hair the band introduced is just one of their legacies they left. Like Beethoven, The Beatles will always be with us in their music and how they touched all of us in either a small or large way.