Sunday, November 2, 2008

President Elect Barack Obama

All campaigns have a defining moment for many voters, many of the undecided. For this voter, a McCain supporter, I switched sides during the last debate. The question was about health care. McCain indicated that is was not a "right" for every American, Obama said it was. McCain said his $5000 credit would be the answer. I laughed. Most anyone would laugh. $5000 is NOTHING when it comes to health care costs. In fact, a family of 3-4 pays $1100 for Kaiser coverage a month! McCain is obviously so rich he has no real clue about what the middle and poor classes really deal with. I was also sick of his bashing Obama about this or that. Bragging about his tour of duty in Nam. Hey, he was a pilot who was shot down, tortured and in the end, did talk! A true hero, I suppose, depending on your definition. What about the others that where there? I still like things about McCain, but overall, Obama has more to offer.

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