Monday, December 3, 2007

Veronica Mars Rocks

One of the best recent new shows was Veronica Mars. I say was because after three years of great shows, it was cancelled. Why talk about this? Well, the acting and storyline writing was right on point. All of the actors are in their early 20's, all unknown, yet, the show's real strength was in its authenticity regarding the High School of today.
Veronica is akin to a very suave, cool, hip private eye for this century, not the Nancy Drew of the 20th Century. She helps solve serious and not so serious issues in a manner that is witty and intelligent. Adding to this success was the soundtrack. Very good rock music, especially the theme song. Its creator was a High School teacher for many years before he burned out and went to Hollywood.

I highly recommend watching all of this series DVDs. Great entertainment if you want to see the youth of today in their element. I would rate this PG most of the time.

Heroic Frenzy: Petrograd 1919

Soon to be released is the new FFG game, Heroic Frenzy Oct. 1919, which covers the closet advance that any White Army had made against the Reds. In this case, Yudenich's tanks and night attacks decimated the Red 7th Army, leaving Petrograd (now St. Petersburg)wide open. Trotsky himself entered the battle to rally his men near Pulkovo Hill, the last obstacle before the city. It is a fast moving game on this pivotal battle!