Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr is so wrong for Barack Obama

Event to most liberal democrats or republicans, the words of Jeremiah Wright's anti-white, anti-America only serve to alienate Obama's most important voting block:  Non- black America. Wright's vicious self serving oratory is based upon his own life  and upon the injustices in his own life. They have no relation to Obama. Let's not forget Obama IS more White than not. He grew up in a White enivronment, had friends of all colors, he only embraced his Black culture after he entered into High School and later. Obama may be more radical than he looks and his lack of answering key questions regarding his personal relationships with characters like Wright and former members of the Weatherman Underground, a domestic terriost group in the early 70's, only makes him appear more suspicious.
Worse is the hypocrisy of Wright's oratory blasting America and Whites. Wright owns a $10,000,000 home situated along a golf course in a predominantly White area! So, here is a Reverend that, for show, for the media, screws up Obama's chances by his now famous, "Goddamn America" speech, where he rips into our nation and the majority of White America. I guess he forgot to recall Obama is 50% White. I think every Black voting for Obama should remember this. Obama is not black black. 
Wright's hypocrisy is this: without America, he would not be so successful being able to pursue his academics as he did, without White's, I am sure he would not have achieved as much as he has because there are key individuals that helped him that were White, without America, his personal success would not have allowed him to preach such BS that millions have heard, nor allowed him to have a 10 million dollar home in a White area.
In the end, his ego and rhetoric only alienates many of Obama's would be supporters of any color. Wright appeals to poor Blacks because he is radical but in reality, Wright is a very rich Black being supported by those Blacks far below him on the economic ladder. Obama's reluctance to really publically denounce him also turns off many voters.
I was an Obama supporter. No longer. I find him "too risky", "too vague", "question his ability to make the correct decisions without undue influence", "lacking personal fortitude".
For me, my vote, it's either McCain or Clinton. Obama has lost my vote and my respect. When Obama is asked tough questions, he stumbles or he defers and deflects his answer.He just cannot answer the question.