Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin and John McCain

The selection of Sarah Palin for the VP spot on the Republican ticket creates a whirlwind of news frenzy. Palin is such a normal person, mom, woman that it entices one to like her and dislike her simultaneously. She is like a "Rocky" figure, a normal everyday woman, struggling with issues of her kids and job, never intended this path that she has stumbled upon. A hockey mom, PTA, Mayor of a town with 8,000, then a Govenor of Alaska with only 650,000 (SF has more people!). Her husband a fisherman. Now, she is in the middle and must be thinking, "Jesus Christ"! how did this happen? Why me?
All of this is so likeable. Many of the middle of the roaders, identify with her, single Dads identify with her. The downside of all this is if McCain dies while in office, could she do the job? Many women say yes, many say no. Same applies to men. So, remove the gender issue. Does being a govenor for less than two years actually prepare one to be President? If so, how? Many list a host of items that she has accomplished, but the problem is that the length of time dealing with the same issues is much shorter, so she is still very inexperienced, even more than Obama, who has four years in the Senate. It is like a new law grad getting his first job and learning the ropes for two years in a firm, you just do not hand him a high profile legal case-that is a sure loser. You let the most seasoned lawyers handle it.

This is the position Sarah Palin is in. John McCain should have selected Joe Lieberman, or even Condolezza Rice.

Now of course, Palin's 16 yr old is due to have a baby. Her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, has stated in his blog, My Space, that: "I am just a fucking a relationship...I live to play hockey..I don't want kids"

Sounds like your typical 18 yr old guy. The only reason why this is news is because Sarah Palin said they were going to get married. Think not. Does it matter? Not really.

John McCain's choice was done to show he is unpredictable, he can change, he wants the far right on his side but what about the large middle section of voters, which are and may decide the race? Prior to the selection, he was wooing this group.

The race will be close. But in the end, I think Palin will cause the White House to be Democrat. The experience or inexperience issue is really too serious for the VP spot. Biden can easily be President. Comparing Biden to Palin is comparing a seasoned professional to a rookie.

The scarey thing this time is that something could happen to either McCain or Obama, which is why the VP spot and choice is so important. It is not just window dressing this time around.