Friday, November 30, 2007

Islamic Facists

Recent news clearly shows there is a fundamental problem with the extremists in Islam.
1. A British teacher names a Teddy Bear the name of Mohammid in the Sudan. She is taken to trial and convicted. At first it was to be 15 lashes, then changed to 15 days in jail. Now, the lunatics are demanding that she be killed! This is so incredible because the stuffed animal was named after a boy in her class, not the Almighty!
2. Worse, is what happened in Saudi Arabia. There, a woman had been ganged raped. The brave woman took it to their so called court. That Court convicted the woman! Yes, she was convicted for luring the men by the way she looked or some silly thing and received a penalty of 50 or so lashes from a whip. As to men who ganged banged her, nothing!
The West and East are strange bedfellows for economic reasons. We are horrified by these unjust acts in the name of Allah, yet we look the other way. Allah would never allow such injustices occur that have been written in the Koran. What kind of God would this be? Much of the Koran, I am sure, is really some other human person who put their own spin on what the real Koran said. God, Allah would never say some of the things the Koran does.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BBC, Perry Moore, Pakistan-India War 1965, and Consimworld

In a rare action, I had posted my comments regarding the Iranian nuclear situation on the BBC News site. A day later, a woman called from the BBC asking me if I would participate in a round table discussion on the subject.
At first, I thought it was a joke, but the woman continued by asking me to elaborate my position. She went on to say that I was contacted by my intelligent analysis and how I had tied it to past history. Later that day, I was on the BBC with a worldwide audience, which is also a podcast. The whole experience remains bizarre.
The first ever wargame on the Pakistan-Indian War, 1965, had been published. Entitled, Pakistan Invades India, the game begins with the Indian units already inside of Pakistan in their own offensive. A day later, the unsuspecting Indian units felt the wrath of that region's premiere armor division, the Pakistani 1st Armor, armed with over 200 M-48 tanks. India had only a few Centurions, and obsolete AMX-13, Sherman V!
The Pakistanis had planned a "Rommel" type offensive to penetrate deep into the rear of the Indian 11th Corps, cut them off and force them to retreat. It was such a  bold plan supported by their airforce.  If you are interested in this simulation, visit:
Maybe I am missing something, but....from Consimworld, the premiere wargame site, I received a news alert stating that Richard Berg's Blog is now back! Why is this news? Who cares and why is this more important than any other blog? Yes, I know, Richard is the last of SPI staffers still around (they all must be hitting 60ish), he remains an interesting, non-practicing attorney, with very colorful comments from A to Z, this really that important? I think not.  A visit to the blog will surely tell you reads like a frat blog where stupid, idiotic comments linger about stupid, idiotic things. Entertainment?  Wargame related? Well, sometimes, but why bother...on second thought, I am not missing something at all. I get it...a very slow news day in the wargame world.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hilary Clinton: A Good Choice for the Next President?

Like most Americans, the choice for our next president is a difficult one. Like most, I listen to news, try to get a balance and establish a gut reaction to the candidates. The internet is deluged with info and video, all has an impact.
At this stage, none of the candidates really turn me on. There is something about all of them I distrust. I am not swayed by dirt the opposing side brings up about their past. We all have some. Usually, those that bring up the dirt are equally guilty and trying to divert my attention. Like most Americans, I decide for myself. I am neither a Republican nor Democrat, but both parties have good positions and various topics, so I comprise of the "middle of the road" group that can vote either way.
Hilary Clinton's only real governmental experience is her few years as a Senator. Sure, she is an attorney, but in all reality, not a practicing one. So what, so am I. She is (or was) the wife of one of America's most popular President's, Bill Clinton. But she is absolutely no Bill Clinton when in public. The charisma is not there. She was in the White House, but left no visible mark. Of course, nobody can read the memos and discussions between Bill and Hilary until long after the election. This begs for a "why"? Hilary was a mom and wife. That could be her only connection with many women out there. Isn't it odd that little to nothing has been asked of Chelsea, their daughter? What kind of parent was Hilary?
Hilary's flip flopping on the issues or never providing a detailed answer to questions really bothers me. I was going to vote for her, being a woman had nothing to do with it (there have been many great woman leaders in history), but changing her position on an issue one week and then again a week later only shows she is willing to say or do anything to win. She no doubt's desperately wants to be the first woman president of the US. It's starting to show. She accused the "male" candidates of ganging up on her in a debate and tried to play the sexism card. It reveals a dark side of her character--blaming others when she is responsible for her own mucking up the debate with answers that even she could not keep straight. Hey, it happens to men , too.
She continues to play the sexism card, stating how old ladies of 90 yrs come up to her and claim to state they will vote for her because she is a woman. How nice. Tell me, how many of this old timers have you actually seen in ANY of her campaign stops? Zero. First, those women would've been born in 1917, I doubt if they are in any shape to fight the crowds etc. It is obvious she wants and hopes all women will vote for her simply because she is a woman first, and a good candidate, second.
Her experience with foreign policy is zero. Condolezza Rice would be far better!  Hilary is really a socialist--the government will be in your life even more than it is now. She has never even been a mayor of a small town, let alone, a city. She has never operated a private business. Never been a governor of a state.
Hilary, when it comes to REAL qualifications, has Bill (I am sure he will be her major consultant if she wins), 2-3 years as senator, and the White House years.
Speaking of that, most women would divorce and move from a husband who cheats on them, let alone, how Bill did Monica. Yet, Hilary "stood by her man", the question is: is this a good thing? what were the motives (avoid scandal, personal embarrassment, have different beds yet stick together to brave the storm).
Maybe Hilary did not want to lose what she had, maybe she did not care, she was staying with Bill for her own personal gain?
Many women will vote for her simply because she is a woman and they have a problem with men. Other women will vote for her because of her so called qualifications. At this point, no really understands what her positions are on key issues. Her answers seem to evade and cloak a position.
However, I think it is in her character to say and do anything to be elected and to enter the history books. Of course, the other candidates do this also but at least you know what they stand for to some degree.
Unless she improves, my vote will go elsewhere because my gut tells me not to trust her. Period.