Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BBC, Perry Moore, Pakistan-India War 1965, and Consimworld

In a rare action, I had posted my comments regarding the Iranian nuclear situation on the BBC News site. A day later, a woman called from the BBC asking me if I would participate in a round table discussion on the subject.
At first, I thought it was a joke, but the woman continued by asking me to elaborate my position. She went on to say that I was contacted by my intelligent analysis and how I had tied it to past history. Later that day, I was on the BBC with a worldwide audience, which is also a podcast. The whole experience remains bizarre.
The first ever wargame on the Pakistan-Indian War, 1965, had been published. Entitled, Pakistan Invades India, the game begins with the Indian units already inside of Pakistan in their own offensive. A day later, the unsuspecting Indian units felt the wrath of that region's premiere armor division, the Pakistani 1st Armor, armed with over 200 M-48 tanks. India had only a few Centurions, and obsolete AMX-13, Sherman V!
The Pakistanis had planned a "Rommel" type offensive to penetrate deep into the rear of the Indian 11th Corps, cut them off and force them to retreat. It was such a  bold plan supported by their airforce.  If you are interested in this simulation, visit: firefight-games.com.
Maybe I am missing something, but....from Consimworld, the premiere wargame site, I received a news alert stating that Richard Berg's Blog is now back! Why is this news? Who cares and why is this more important than any other blog? Yes, I know, Richard is the last of SPI staffers still around (they all must be hitting 60ish), he remains an interesting, non-practicing attorney, with very colorful comments from A to Z, but....is this really that important? I think not.  A visit to the blog will surely tell you otherwise..it reads like a frat blog where stupid, idiotic comments linger about stupid, idiotic things. Entertainment?  Wargame related? Well, sometimes, but why bother...on second thought, I am not missing something at all. I get it...a very slow news day in the wargame world.

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