Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sex and the Chevrolet Corvair

In 1966, Chevrolet advertised its new rear engine air cooled Corvair model with an ad that has "implied" sex all over it. You know the story. The same old story of the middle aged guy, not so attractive caused by the ravages of age in sleek, cool, sports car-this time, a Corvair convertible! A long-legged, nicely shaped 20-something blonde graces her body on the Corvair body. The middle age man glances back at her. There is little doubt about what he is thinking or wants besides his new 1966 Corvair.

For 1966, it was a spicy ad that still holds up today.

President Elect Barack Obama

All campaigns have a defining moment for many voters, many of the undecided. For this voter, a McCain supporter, I switched sides during the last debate. The question was about health care. McCain indicated that is was not a "right" for every American, Obama said it was. McCain said his $5000 credit would be the answer. I laughed. Most anyone would laugh. $5000 is NOTHING when it comes to health care costs. In fact, a family of 3-4 pays $1100 for Kaiser coverage a month! McCain is obviously so rich he has no real clue about what the middle and poor classes really deal with. I was also sick of his bashing Obama about this or that. Bragging about his tour of duty in Nam. Hey, he was a pilot who was shot down, tortured and in the end, did talk! A true hero, I suppose, depending on your definition. What about the others that where there? I still like things about McCain, but overall, Obama has more to offer.