Friday, November 30, 2007

Islamic Facists

Recent news clearly shows there is a fundamental problem with the extremists in Islam.
1. A British teacher names a Teddy Bear the name of Mohammid in the Sudan. She is taken to trial and convicted. At first it was to be 15 lashes, then changed to 15 days in jail. Now, the lunatics are demanding that she be killed! This is so incredible because the stuffed animal was named after a boy in her class, not the Almighty!
2. Worse, is what happened in Saudi Arabia. There, a woman had been ganged raped. The brave woman took it to their so called court. That Court convicted the woman! Yes, she was convicted for luring the men by the way she looked or some silly thing and received a penalty of 50 or so lashes from a whip. As to men who ganged banged her, nothing!
The West and East are strange bedfellows for economic reasons. We are horrified by these unjust acts in the name of Allah, yet we look the other way. Allah would never allow such injustices occur that have been written in the Koran. What kind of God would this be? Much of the Koran, I am sure, is really some other human person who put their own spin on what the real Koran said. God, Allah would never say some of the things the Koran does.

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bds_snowman said...

Careful...when people surmise that the Bible may have wording in it not entirely bestowed by God, you'll likely get some harsh criticism by those woefully 'intolerant' Christian types. Say anything like that regarding the "Religion of Peace" as stated in the Quar'an, you might lose your head.