Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Obama the Antichrist?

Yes, have a good laugh. But consider this: his popularity is increasing, he appeals to all kinds of people, he provides the masses a message of change for the better, his position is one of a real socialist, the government will be in your life more and more if he is elected.

Ask any follower what he has accomplished to warrant him being president, their answers are elusive and vague as Obama's are when asked key questions. They cite accolades of his 2 yr experience as a Senator, they like his platfom in theory, he's black or he's also white, his youth.

In other words, the large crowds follow him due to his charisma. That is it. If one knows about the end days and the Antichrist, one knows that this person has to appeal to the masses with his charisma, at least for awhile. Obama certainly fills this, even the terrorist group, Hamas, support him!
The antichrist will appear as a friend to Israel and to others. Because Obama is really running his campaign on his charisma, it is food to think about.

It may be that even he is not aware of this as the Antichrist grows slowly into this being(whoever it is).

In the end days, the first early signs are changes in world weather patterns, and a slow yet increasingly steady rate of natural disasters that the world will brush off. As time goes on, they increase with intensity and destruction. However, the key thing is that there is instant worldwide communciation. Taken all together, there is little doubt we are entering the final days. The antichrist will be a person who plays all sides in order to gain world power through monetary means and banks.

Is Obama the antichrist, no one knows, as Jesus will come like a thief, but there are signs. Keep your mind open. It is a hard concept to fathom and beware! There is no real reason while Obama is so popular and no reason why he would make a good president of the world's most powerful nation!

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bds_snowman said...

Obama's popularity, at least among the masses, is not increasing as evidenced by his losing the last 5 primaries...kinda embarrassing really for the supposed "front runner" so close to the National Convention.