Wednesday, June 11, 2008

YTB Travel Cruises

YTB is a great way to make extra income to start and if you pursue it, like Mary Kay, one can easily allow you to retire. The system is easy and there is NO INVENTORY to buy or sell. Once you sign up, you are provided a website, a travel website that is as good as any Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and YTB prices are almost always 10-25% less!

As a Referring Travel Agent, you can promite your travel website that directly links and uses the travel search engines used by all. If you want to earn more, recruit additional people under you, just like Mary Kay.

Unlike Mary Kay, the appeal of this product is vast and across all incomes, as everyone does take vacations, travel, fly, take cruises, buy concert tickets, buy Disney tickets and so much more. Unlike MK, your only inventory is on the web- your travel website. Plus, you can write off the expenses as business at the end of the year!

YTB is a multi-million dollar travel giant based in Illinois and listed on the US Stock Exchange.

As an agent, you also may receive special vacation packages that are discounted even more so you can visit and sell the spot on your site.

If you are looking, one should consider this!

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