Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening Movie & the End Times

The Happeningmovie is a thoughtful thriller. A cross between your zombie kind of movie and something tied to religious and scientific beliefs. It is not scarey of the "edge of your seat" genre, as I was genuinely scared only once. The basic premise seems to be rooted in what many believe are the end times, one of the early warnings that "these times" are upon us AND the effect that global weather patterns are having. In this case, the Bees have mysteriously vanished, no bodies, no nothing (that is a little too odd). The result being that some unexplainable biologic change also occurs to the human population, which basically turns the exposed into killer zombies dead in their tracks. These zombies only kill themselves, however. How nice.

Basically, the key characters run for thier lives and learn that by staying in small groups, the "virus" does not infect them. This virus is carried by the wind. So, whenever the wind shakes the leaves on the tree, danger is near!

That is about it. What is intellectual about this is that the natural virus is never explained, it just stops and starts suddenly. The only explanation is that it is a warning to mankind from mother nature (aka, God) that mankind is reaching the line of no return in harming our planet. This all ties into the belief of the End times as described in the Book of Revelations of the Bible.

It is there, clearly stating that in the early portion of end times, one of the early warnings will be frequent weather anomalies, topsy-turvey seasons, droughts, famine, ocean's dying etc. Look how these events are being explained-in a logical manner. The Bee's are vanishing-it really is for real. Yet, we hear the warning and shrug our shoulders and continue on with our daily lives, to bothered to be really concerned about it until it us personally.

The Happening should be seen. Think about what is currently happening in the world today, global warming and it's impact, extreme weather. Is this also a sign of the end times that Daniel spoke of in a vision over 2000 yrs. ago?

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Dismal Numbers said...

I liked the movie as well. As for the end of days, we have seen a lot worse than this and we are still here. (WW1, WW2, Black Death, Influenza outbreak, dust bowl, Cold War, little ice age, etc.) First we had to worry about killer bees and now no bees? please...