Tuesday, February 5, 2008

US Navy and Iran Clash at Hormuz Straits

A recent naval report indicated an ominous result further supporting the USN wargame in which USN were suddenly attacked and sunk by Iranian missiles. The report, dated several years ago, indicated that even though the C-802 missiles are of lower technology than what the USN has, Iranian missile attacks from shore or from their Houdong or CAT-14 platforms (ships)could overwhelm the AEGIS defense systems. In the scenario, when 6 or more C-802 missiles were fired at the same ship there is a high probability that at least 1 or 2 would impact the target especially when coordinated with numerous FAC attack from divergent directions simultaneously. If 8 or more were fired, it was a 90% chance impact would occur. The CWIS Phalanax can only handle so many targets simultaneously within a 3 mile range. Other USN defense systems, likewise, could handle 4-5 such incoming missiles with fairly safe consequences. Thus, the Iranian swarm tactics upon 1 or 2 USN ships could and would be successful, either crippling or sinking them. If you add to this scenario that the Iranian attack would have to be a "Pearl harbor" type, add their Mig-29, F4E with AS missiles, all happening suddenly and simultaneously, USN defenses could be overwhelmed. The worst thing the USN should do is to underestimate this threat and to be over confident in their ECM. Remember, David did bring down Goliath!

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