Sunday, February 24, 2008

Definately Maybe is definately deceptive

From the movie ad on TV, the viewer is led to believe that this movie is a cute, funny kid type movie. The little girl is cute and a good actress. The scenes are family oriented and attracts many girls from 8 yrs. old and up.

Naturally, I took my 9 yr. old daughter who really wanted to see it. So, we went.

The film opens up with the uneasy parental topic at any age of sex. Sex education. The girl's school is in an uproar about teaching sex ed to 4th graders, so the scene has chaos, parents angry etc. Girls are coming into the scene using words like penis, vagina, sex, condoms (you get the picture). I'm talking girls 9 yrs old and older. As if that was not uncomfortable enough for us, the little girl in the movie is trying to force her 30ish dad to have a conversation about it as they stroll out of the scene! Totally inapproriate from the start. This was not Disney.

Liberal or not, it was a parent's nightmare. I was hoping it would get better. Where was the fast forward?

The cute girl is really a little too mature and obnoxious regarding this topic. So, her parents are getting a divorce. Now, she wants to know all the details of doing it. Finally, the dad has had enough (thank god!). So, the girl switches gears and wants to know how they met etc.

So, for the next 55 minutes or so, that is the movie. There is no girl or cute interaction with her Dad as seen in the ads. It is just your typical"how boy meets girl" thing. Some items were not even for PG-13 rating. Who rates these movies??

Boring. Seen it all before. Hints of her mom being a lesbian, hints of her mom being loose and is poking some 50 yr old writer because he's famous, not because she loves him. Not a nice picture for a girl to know.

So, for the first hour or so, it is boring and pushing the PG 13 limit. It was not funny, nor cute.

The deception is that why have a cute 9 yr old actress in a film rated PG-13, in a role that she barely appears in until the end.The film is not about a parent\child relationship or a dad and his daughter. A waste of money.

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