Monday, January 21, 2008

Upcoming Wargame Designs

The following are new designs slated for the first quarter of this year:

1. La Coruna Jan 1937 - A fierce battle between the Nationalists and Republicans for the highway from Las Rozas to Madrid. It was the last phase of the Nationalists offensive to surround and cutoff Madrid. Armed with German Panzer 1 and Italian CV-33tanks, the seemingly invincible Nationalists were met with stout resistance from the Republicans and their Russian T-26B tanks and I-16, SB-2 aircraft. What followed was a desperate battle to control this key road!

2. Rampage, August 1919- Using the well played and award winning system of the Russian Civil War Series, the game covers the last great cavalry offensive of the 20th Century! Mamontov's cavalry army attacked the Red line east of Voronzeh busting through with Mk V tanks. What followed was a deep rear raid on the Reds which were totally caught by surprise! During the two week attack, the Reds tossed everything they had, including aircraft. It was a very wild affair that ended with Mamontov almost being trapped!

3. Operation Sinyavino- August 1942- covers the dramatic Russian offensive to free Leningrad from the German blockade from two opposite directions! Includes the first use of the new Tiger tank!

4. Zolfaqar's Blow: Iranian Killing Fields - a future history game covering a surprise Iranian attack with fast attack boats, C-802 missiles, EM-53 mines, submarines upon oil tankers and US naval ships (incl. an aircraft carrier) in the narrow Straits of Hormuz.

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