Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remagen 1945, Kakhovka 1920

Since my last post, two games have come out:

Kakhovka: Wrangel's Kursk, Oct 14, 1920. This depicts the largest use of tanks in the Russian Civil War and also the last major battle! The game is very intesting set piece and really was a kind of Kursk in some ways.

Remagen 1945 depicts the battle of luck using a point to point system. Luck because the US found a bridge over the Rhine and despite the Germans tossing V2 rockets, jet bombers, JagdTiger tanks, and sending SS frogmen to destroy it, it was all unsuccessful. The game shows what happened and could have happened had luck turned, even a little, in the German favor! Very interesting. It is nothing at all like the old SPI game. It is way more accurate and tense.

Being tested now is Operation Westindien 1942- a U-boat game on the battle for the Caribbean. This is also a point to point game and depicts how vital the refineries and oil was in the Aruba area.

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