Friday, March 6, 2009

Hamas and the $900 million from the UN

The US fights terrorists on one hand, fully support Israel's defense including the recent Gaza War after Hamas fired rockets into Israel, then, like the Wizard of Oz, pledges $900 million dollars (of our taxpayer money) to the Palestinians to rebuild Gaza. The money, when granted, will flow via a UN Agency, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, or UNWRA. Hamas has a close relationship with this agency and openly employs high ranking senior terrorists! The money will not reach Hamas but will go instead to nongovernmental organizations, most notably UNWRA, so claimed by the US. Excuse me, just how can they be 100% sure none will be diverted to Hamas? The PLO and Hamas share the same Gaza Strip, they share the same bed, even though they may not like each other and one is more radical than the other. Will the US have some security measures once the money begins to arrive.

In July, 2001, Hamas convened a conference in a UNRWA school in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza. Hamas presented their ideology, and then an Hamas leader, Saheil Alhinadi, who represented the teaching sector of UNRWA, praised students who had recently carried out suicide attacks against Israel! Hamas used the UNRWA schools to hold their meetings. Past confessions during Israeli interrogations that Hamas transported weapons and explosives in an UNRWA ambulance to terrorists within Gaza. Israeli intelligence has even provided evidence that in some UNRAW camps, the Hamas is using them to make weapons and fire rockets from.

Hmmm, does the US really think none of the $900 million will be secretly diverted to Hamas for weapons they purchase from Syria, Iran? What planet is Hilary Clinton on? US officials claim they can send the money via "trusted" secure means. Hmmm, what happens after it is delivered? Is the US going to have someone there?

Of course, the US strategy is naive. They think that the money will be used solely by the PLO president Mahmoud Abbas and boost his respect within Gaza and the US, which generally is seen as a foe of the PLO. They hope that the reconstruction will allow the US to have a greater influence over the PLO, which also shares the Gaza with Hamas terrorists. Clinton also conveys the proper image while in the Middle East by wearing a scarf covering her head, as if a Secretary of State has to do "please" the Muslim community.

I can see how the current US administration will try to play both sides of the Middle East mess, but at some point, I think it will backfire and they really must choose.


The FDIC in the US is a government organization that guarantees all deposits made by anyone in the US into a US bank are secure. If the bank collapses, those whose money deposited in the bank will be fully refunded up to $100,000.

The problem now is that by the end of this year, the FDIC, unless more money is given to it, will no longer be able to refund any money lost due to a bank failure. If this happens, depositors will withdraw their money out of fear. This happened in 1929 and many banks quickly failed and the Great Depression occurred. This is a very bad sign.

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