Thursday, April 2, 2009

Corvair for the Not So Mechanically Inclined

A Corvair for Dummies book!

If you are under 40, odds are you have never heard or seen a Corvair! Learn how to repair the most common restoration issues for the Chevrolet Corvair, 1965-69. Step by step procedures on critical issues. Learn the history about America's only rear engine, air cooled engine car.

As its author, I chose the issues that I had to deal with when I purchased my 65 convertible and 67 coupe. Although both had only 50,000 original miles, they both needed various things. In my case, the engines were solid, so no rebuilding needed, but changing the push rod tubes, rebuilding the carburetors etc. were all new to me. Hey, I am not a mechanic, but through lots of reading and help from Corvair experts and owners I documented certain procedures that are common to all new corvair owners.
This book is a great supplement to many other existing How-to books for the Corvair novice.

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