Monday, December 28, 2009

Revolt & Death in Iran: Where is Obama?

Flashback 1979: The Shah of Iran, a staunch US ally is toppled by radical Islamic students after weeks of unrest about lack of freedom.

2009-2010: Continued student movements and riots cause mayhem and carnage among those seeking true freedom from a regime that is so far to the right, so intolerant, and where its government and religion are meshed into one, a perverse sense of justice permeates from its leadership.

The Summer elections proved that Iran is anything but a democracy to those millions under 35 yrs., it was and remains a fraud in monumental proportions where President Ahmadinejad and his Holy crew of thugs made sure any and all opposition to him winning the election were minimized. The students of Iran's universities have taken their anger to the streets to face the cruel and hostile forces of the Baseej, Iran's secret police.

Adding to the Iran's funeral fire is the nuclear determination of Ahmadinejad's government and so called "Holy" consortium. On Dec. 22, in case you missed the latest, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spat on the US and other western countries regarding the nuclear deadline by saying, "Iran will continue resisting until America had gotten rid of its 8000 warheads". These clerical fascists are not remotely interested in deterring their nuclear ambitions or allowing its own people to be free. Iran is more of a military government than one under "Allah". The revolution movement among its young is growing and the US should be flaming the fire via all electronic means, we should not be idly sitting by saying politically correct things to appease the thugs in Iran. Yet, Obama is basically doing that. The sanctions coming soon will no doubt have some bite, but Iran will circumvent them.

The revolution in Iran needs a vocal Obama to yell via the media that he is 100% with the revolution and that the US will do its best to overthrow Ahmadinejad. We the similar things all during the 80s against Russia, Poland etc. The Voice of America continually bombarded the airwaves and many of the messages did get through. The proof is today. Poland and Russia are free. It did work. However, the Voice of America is not bombarding Iran on airwaves. yes, the Internet and cell phones do get through, but it is much easier for Iran to block or isolate those communications.

The Iranian revolution is young, it may not succeed, but Obama has remained too aloof about it, trying to walk the fence because of the nuke issue. Obviously, this tactic has not worked and Obama should be very vocal in his support of the riots and revolution. The proof is that on Nov. 4, Iran celebrated, Hate America Day, during the mass demonstrations students were yelling, "Obama, Obama, you are either with us or with them, the oppressors".

The revolution in Iran remains unclear about his position. Obama needs to get of the fence.

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