Saturday, April 21, 2007

Agel Vitamins

I recently tried a new product, Agel vitamins. The selling point is that the vitamins are suspended in a gel and a foil pack. They are supposed to be absorbed quicker and stay fresher in this manner. While it is a different method of taking a vitamin, it is not at all new. Vitamins in gel have been a round since the 70's, usually taken by those who cannot swallow a pill. While it is true that the vitamins are absorbed faster, that is the only benefit.

Agel's drawbacks are many. Expensive, a carton of 30 packs for $60 retail or $30 wholesale. The are much larger than a tiny pill one can put into a pocket. The variety is very limited into not more than 10 assortments. You are stuck with vitamin proportions as you cannot simply have 1000mg of Vitamin C, or a specific amino acid etc. While the taste is OK, their appeal is limited despite the launch and money promoting it as a new MLM where one can make unlimited residual income, like Mary Kay, Cookie Lee etc. The other drawback is that while you can buy them on Ebay, usually you can only buy them through a rep who has joined the MLM at the retail price. They are not sold in vitamin-health stores.

Agel has a stiff competition from hundreds of vitamin companies on the internet, mass mailings, companies with hundreds of vitamins to select from such as Puritan or Swansons, to name only two. Their prices are WAY less than Agel's. Yet,Agel is thriving on the wannabe millions in hopes that millions can be made.

Hey, remember the Pet rock? Who would have thought?!.......

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