Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rome's Greatest Defeat-The Battle that stopped Rome in the Teutoburg Forest at Kalkriese, Germany

Firefight's latest, Wicked Narrows, is out and ready for your enjoyment!  The game really captures the whole devastating battle that fateful day in September, 9 AD. The most unique aspect is that the German player decides when the game (the battle) begins. Until it happens, the Roman legions simply march onto the map in total oblivious to their surroundings! Combat is in rounds, with certain types being able to do certain things while others may not. The game, according to playtesters, usually ends within eight turns (eight hours) or sooner, depending on how well the Roman player handles the surprise attack. Moving into the dark foreboding forests is an option for the Romans, but one  steeped in other dangers. Moving through Narrows is truly a "wicked" affair, a mountain and forest on one side and swamp on the other!

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