Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie

The movie is a very insightful look about how love changes, evolves between a man and a woman over time. The twist here is that Benjamin is born as a old man and gets younger until he dies as an infant. The woman he loves starts as a 10 yr old girl, but it is not until each is in their 40s does this love fully bloom and is expressed, yet they loved one another from the moment they met. In their prime, yet going in opposite directions on the timeline of life, they love and create a baby. As time moves on, Benjamin gets younger into his 20s, his wife, in her 50s. He leaves knowing it is the best, as if he stayed, he could not be a father in the normal sense. Years fly, and she is 60 and he is 17, Brad Pitt looks just like he did when he first arrived. She feels too old and yet still loves him. They love one last time. It is at this time when he meets his 13 yr old daughter. Time continues and now he is an unruly, confused 6 yr old boy. She is 65. Now she takes him in as an orphaned boy until he finally dies as a baby.

The makeup is excellent.How they age the actors is very real. How they make Brad look younger is also. His acting is low key, tender. Overall, the movie is well worth the 2.5 hrs and never gets boring. The movie begins in 1918 and ends with his wife dieing of very old age in 2004. We see how things change over decades, styles, music. It is a movie about everyone's life in a way. The emotions of life are the same, always the same but cloaked in different times of the decade. Sooner or later, we all experience it. A moving film.

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