Friday, February 6, 2009

Do the Jonas Brothers = The Beatles?

For those who are in the dark about this rock group (if you have children between 8-16, you know about them)the Jonas Brothers are brothers, cute, ages from 16-19, play guitars and write songs. Their vocals are limited but girls love the angst their voices blast out. The music is pop with edge and fairly decent tunes. They are a indirect product of the Disney pop rock machine that also produced Hillary Duff, Miley Cyrus (Hanna Montana) Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and more. All these performers are under 19. Their target audience is pre-teen and teen. They all make a lot of money for Disney (Miley alone makes up to 20 million a year).Unlike the others, the JB never had their own TV show that promoted the band.

There some similarities between JB and the Fab Four: All were good looking guys, both bands were popular in their originating country before being exported to other countries (The Beatles first attempt to conquer America was in 1963 on the Vee-Jay label, which totally failed as their LP sold only 5000 copies! Yet, in the UK and Europe, thousands of girls screamed at their concerts), and both had screaming girls.

JB seems to be a miniature version of Beatlemania 1964-66, on a much smaller scale. Girls scream at their concerts, seem to be mesmerized but it is tame, controlled. The Beatles caused chaos wherever they went and in concerts, girls went into a real frenzy, fainting, panic attacks and broke through police lines. The apex of this can be seen at the world's first rock concert at Shea Stadium in August 1965 and its 58,000 fans shrieked until the Beatles could not even hear themselves sing! Even today, it remains awesome to watch.

JB songs are about the same topics that The Beatles sang about, JB's best two songs remain SOS and Lovebug. Both have great riffs and melodies. Most of their other material is less original and more of "borrowing from other songs" and repackaged in their style and presented in the JB manner. As a band, well, only two of them really play guitars. They are backed up by professionals all playing bass, guitar and drums. So, it is difficult to see how talented they really are. Their backup band acts as "camouflage" for them.

It really is the screaming girls at their concerts that connects them to The Beatles. Other similarities include their hair, well, we all know where JB got the style- the Beatle cut, which permeates all men's haircuts ever since 1964. And movies. Disney is cashing in with a new release of the JB movie. Scenes from the film are directly taken out from TThe Beatles' Hard Day's Night, and updated--JB trying to escape from screaming fans and being chased down a street etc.

History does repeat. It may be happening again with JB. Fans of The Beatles will no doubt compare. But JB will never be a legend. They will be forgotten 20 yrs. from now. The Beatles will still be heard.

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