Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terrorists and Their Legal Rights

La La Land
This topic is a mess. It's like an attorney defending a guy he knows probably did the crime yet because of the dollar\pound\lira or whatever, he takes the case and tries to get the suspect off on some technicality. Pathetic!

The left wing, with regards to terrorists, feel as if they are the same as your average criminal and should be accorded due process and other rights your typical criminal receives. Excuse me, but a terrorist is WAY bad and has no morals whatsoever. They are driven by some devout, sick belief that really few Westerners can begin to understand, and to many of us, they are akin to what Satan might be like.

Yes, we are talking of women and men, boys and girls, who strap on those plastic explosives and pretend they are sweet and nice while they mix and get into position. The remote signal goes off and sudden mayhem and body parts go flying, families are destroyed, headlines flash across the world. Then some terrorist group claims this act in the name of alah! I see, alah, god wanted this to happen in order for somene to have 99 virgins for themselves. If the terrorist is a woman, what do they do with 99 virgins? do they have to be gay? Or does the award only apply to men? Hmm, what a strange God alah is. You mean, he is prejudice against women? Seems so.

Demi Lovato has a new song called, La La Land. Need I say more?

Of course, the right thinks they should only be given the most basic rights and conditions that even these despictable humans should have. That was the point to a prison on the fringe of Cuba, that will close soon.

All the nations who demanded it closed, none are willing to accept any of the 200 terrorists. Even within the US, no State wants them. Now what? Well, in the case of one, which happened to be UK citizen, a terrorist who killed freely, he is being shipped home. How nice. When he gets home, the UK authorities will not imprision him, only watch him. This is incredible! A known terrorist will be free to plan etc., another attack on UK citizens. How reassuring. Is anyone really thinking???

Terrorists do not, I repeat, do not , should not, get the same rights afforded to your typical criminal. Do I need to repeat why? Terrorists have multiple connections, cells, they continue planning and killing for sake of Alah. I do not think all terrorists are so devout in their beliefs. They use it to justify whatever real reasons they have. Typical criminals are usually in it for themselves or acted out of carelessness. Evidence usually will work against them, especially DNA.

Affording Terrorists the same laws is really quite stupid. They are not even from our culture, yet we reward them after killing us, our rights? La La Land. Why should they even be given a trial if they were caught and the evidence is solid. Why spend our money for the trial in attorney fees? What attorney in their right conscience would even take a case of a known terrorist who killed many? Where are the legal ethics for this? Is it still, every one has a right to counsel and their day in court?

Terrorists are the exception to this rule. Yet, the West, has this overly concern about giving them their rights. Hey, what about the rights of the slaughtered? The loved ones that need to pick up the pieces? Guess they do not count as much as the killer. Perverse sense of justice. La La Land.

Terrorists only deserve the most basic of anything. Food, water, a place to sleep. Depending on whether the evidence is either direct or circumstantial, the strength of the evidence, should they have a right to present their case through a pro bono attorney. No attorney fees should ever be awarded for defending a terrorists, if it must occur, a mininum rate. These are not glory cases.

Now we come to torture. In this society, where everyone is so sensitive about how they look, what they say, what they do, how it looks to another and on and on ad nauseum, we say we will not torture. The word alone conjures up all sorts of weird concepts in anyone's mind. It has been part of war since BC. It is not a crime. Just because a nation does not "declare" war, does not mean that a war does not exist. Semantics. The leftists think if you treat the terrorists with compassion and justice, they will respect you. La La Land. They will carry on what they think is for Alah, which is blowing infidels apart. Water boarding is a mild torture, if you must use the word. The bottom line is that they behead their captives and other horrendous things once they get the info they want. What do we do in the West? Give them their rights and basics in hopes they will provide data. Now we can only do what the Geneva Convention has instructed.

This convention remains for civilized, western type countries. The terrorists or no Islam nation I know of, is part of this accord passed after WW2. Hmm, funny, I thought the West is fighting a terrorist insurgency. So, logically, the Geneva Conventions does not apply as it is for a conventional style war. The West is really making it tougher on themselves by tieing their hands and expecting the terrorists will freely provide the info requested. La La Land.

Terrorists deserve no better than what happened to thier innocent victims: women, children, babies, men, students. I say, the West should shed their correctness and play as dirty as the terrorists. An eye for an eye.

Pakistan is allowing the US to base their remote attacking Drones at an airbase. The Drones fly to their targets and fire their missiles. Pakistani government remains silent because of the 20 million in US dollars. However, oddly enough, Pakistan forbids the drones to attack the top leader targets of the Taliband and Al-Qaeda! And.........for the money spent by the US to get Pakistan's support, it is ironic that the population now hates the US even more! What a quagmire. They hate us because of the drone missiles killing terrorists and innocents. In any war, throughout history, there is collateral damage not meant to happen. Nothing is perfect and fighting a counterinsurgency war is far from perfect. It is far more difficult than the days of Vietnam War, when the same kinds of attacks would happen in Saigon.

The whole effort is in la la land. Dealing with terrorists is in la la land. Dealing with Pakistan is in la la land.

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