Monday, March 19, 2007

ONE BULLET, ONE GERMAN Warsaw 1944 Nears Release

Firefight Games long awaited two map game on the battles for Warsaw (the Uprising and tanks battles east of the city) is nearly done.  Gamer vets like Dennis Bishop and Paul Rohrbaugh have been hammering away at the game since early December.
The game is unique. One map covers the Warsaw city uprising in detail (sewers included!), while the other maps depicts the area east of the city where the last Panzer victories occurred, however fleeting it was. Over 300 counters. You have your hands full as the German player with the Polish uprising and the tank battles east of the city, which would spell success or failure to the Uprising! The title is a shortened version of the Polish call to arms, " One Bullet for every German" during the uprising.
More later.......

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