Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sex in Elementary School!

I am speechless about the recent news regarding two 11 yr olds (a boy and girl). This happened on the East Coast. While the teacher was teaching the class, a boy and a girl were having sex underneath their desk. Sex in this case = oral sex. While most of the class watched the act, the teacher was totally oblivious to this going on! How could this be? How could the teacher not have noticed this act or the obvious signs something was weird???? The school tried to keep it hush, but kids are kids, and it was not long before the "word" got out. Nothing happened to the teacher, the two kids were expelled for a few days.

The ONLY news organization reporting this horrible event remains Bill O' Reilly on Fox news. I have not seen it anywhere else nor mentioned on TV. Does the mainstream media condone this behavior by omission? Seems to be. Unbelievable!

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