Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wargaming in Brasil

Mediterranean Campaign - Monster Game created here in Brasil

I´d like to thanks a lot to Perry, for the privilege to write here in Designer Blog. I´m a fan of Perry´s games, since the classic Landships, my first WWI wargame, and in my personal oppinion one of the best.

Here in Brasil, we play wargames. The history begins in 1979, when a small group of players created the first Brasilian company : Jog Publishing. The company published some introductory games about World War II, but the the company had a short life, two years after your first release, the company broken, but the idea about wargames borned in Brasil.

In 80´s some people here played the old classics of Avalon and other comapnies like GMT, SPI/TSR, 3W, Yaquinto and the hobby growed. But, in 90´s two kind of games banned the wargames from Brasil : RPG and card games. These games created a great group of players, with a lot of fans, and players . But a tiny group of brave and solitaire wargamers remains. Many wargamers called these years "The Black Years", because many great wargame companies vanished, and a new menace appeared : computer games and Internet. But the "menace" turned into a great thing.

Internet brings to people the contact with the gamers around the world, computers brings the DTP games and the wargaming hobby rebirth with a great force. In Brasil the hobby is growing up again. People here likes a lot wargames about World War II, Napoleonics, and miniature wargames (Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, TSR Battle System, LOTR). We have an annual convention called WargameCon, here in Rio de Janeiro, and some litlle events happens monthly.

Last Wargame Day in march, a monthly event here in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Well, I talk a lot ! I´ll tell more about games here and the people ! Thanks again to Perry, and guys sorry for my poor English ! Best Regards to All !!

Antonio Marcelo

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Anonymous said...

When Antônio Marcelo says "the wargaming community in Brazil in the 1990s", he meansme,him, and maybe a dozen other guys.

I worked for a decade trying to import wargames through Devir Livraria Limitada, the Portuguese publishers of AD&D and Magic. For every game I sold, 2 got back stocked.

So it wasn't CCGs and RPGs that overshadowed wargames in Brazil: the wargaming community itself, by and large, didn't support imports.

BtW, AM: when the HELL are we going to see the Portuguese translations of Perry's games at the Gibiteria? You've been promising for months e nada! I wanna battle in the Chaco! ;-)